Practice and Contest entry


Collaboration avec une amie, elle m'a dessiné et je l'ai peint :)

Recherches pour le projet d'animation (imagination)

Croquis à l'encre

Test inspiré de l'artiste Mathieu Lauffray

Ma créature pour le concours organisé pour BattleChasers Nightwar, en attente du classement

Ses attaques

Intégré dans une capture d'écran

Copies/Etudes de crayonnés de Mathieu Lauffray

Etudes d'après photos en essayant de reprendre le style de Mathieu Lauffray


KYLMAR Project :)


I just started a new project with my girlfriend. It is the basic same idea as the "Substrata" project. We are going to make some concept art, sketches, illustrations for a fictionnal fantasy RPG. The project is at it's early stage, so I can't say much more :).

Anyways enough talk. Here's my first sketch for it. It is some sort of an Ice Guard mob, at the begining it started as a sea urchin creature but looks more like and Ice creature than a sea urchin, but it's not a problem, we are actually in the search phase and trying to find a direction/pitch for our project.

We are aiming for an Avery Coleman, Fightpunch and Joe Mad for the art style because we freaking love their stuff.


New Stuff

Here's an illustration I did for a class in my school. 
This piece is named "The Wolf Spirit". 
An unamed warrior encounters this vision in a snowy blizzard.
I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed worked on it.
It's probably my first pushed illustration where I thought about Composition and did thumbnails, it was a great experience.

"Dragon Bone" Spitpaint:

Star Wars Inspired Sketch:


Stuff from the last weeks :)

Daily Spitpaints - 30min
"Cube Helmet"

"Mob Execution"

"Floating Rocks"

"Gandalf Caricature"

"Brushes and Color Experiment"

"Fightpunch study - 5h"

"Robot Sketch W.I.P."

"5mins Hands study from photos"